Nothing frightens me. I am fear. 
full name mateo middlename lastname nicknames thom, sin birthdate & age December 15, 1978 & 37 hometown london, england residence boston, massachusetts
Thomas Samuel Sinard was born in December 1978 in London, England, to a mother and a father who wanted the best for their child, but also wanted to make sure that he knew what was right and what was wrong with the world. As a young boy, Thomas, who preferred to go by Thom, was witness to some incidents his parents didn't want him to see; their constant arguing, their fighting, their separation. As much as Thom could witness their relationship falling apart, his parents did not want to cause any distress to their son. Of course, this wasn't the best way about it, as Thom started to act out at a young age, throwing firecrackers at the feet of boys who were bullying girls on the playground, and then throwing mud at the girls who didn't want to hold his hand before snack time. As his parents started to realize what the cause of the outbursts were, they finally separated, and Thom went to live with his mother while spending weekends with his father. It was this separation that ended up helping Thom develop as a person; he was able to witness what it was like to have a relationship dissolve and with them no longer pretending to care for each other, Thom got to finally see what they always feared he would see; that they hated each other.

It was the psychological warfare that followed Thom through Secondary Education that made him realize just how messed up his family life had become. He spent his time diving into school, studying all that he could, through it all keeping his head up and honoring the love that his parents had for him and the hope that they didn't mess him up too badly. In fact, they ended up helping him in a way to discover that he wanted to see what made people tick: he wanted to see how he could get into their brains and try to 'fix' them so to speak, and so the movement into Psychology was a fairly easy one to make. As he completed schooling at age 16, he entered into University, Birkbeck (University of London), getting his undergraduate degree in Psychology. While attending, he fell in a group of friends who were into making homemade horror and thriller movies, and Thom decided he could use his knowledge of psychology to make their films more realistic. He could note out what really terrified people, what made them tick, and so this spurned Thom's love of film. So much so, that when he received his Bachelor degree in Psychology, he also got a Certificate of Higher Education in Film and Media Studies. The more he worked towards his degree, the more twisted he seemed to become, writing papers on the psychology of fear and just how much people rely on fear and not realize it. One of his papers ended up being published, and upon seeing this, Cardiff University offered Thom a full scholarship to get his PhD at their university. And who was he to refuse?

While at Cardiff, he met a fellow student named Aaron, and Aaron's sister Ana. While Aaron and Thom became quick friends, Ana and Thom quickly fell in love. She was a woman after his own heart, into all of the same things that he was into, and was a budding film student (though her films were far more optimistic than the ones he was experimenting with.) By the time he turned 22, he was leaving Cardiff University with not only his PhD, but a fiancee as well. Having asked Ana to marry him only months before graduation, they decided to quickly elope, with their only witness being her brother Aaron. The two were happily in love and were planning on starting a family, but tragedy struck. While Thom has been working at his new job as a psychiatrist, Ana had decided to visit her brother back in his London home. Thom, busy with work, had said she could go alone, and he would meet up with her later, but unfortunately, there would not be a later. There had been a break in at Aaron's apartment, and while Aaron and Ana both put up a good fight, both of them were killed. So just two months into his marriage, Thom found himself burying his wife and his best friend.

He only stayed in London a few months after until he decided he needed a chance in scenery. He soon found himself hunting for jobs all over the world, and decided that the best way to get over such a heavy loss was to find himself in a completely different country all together. This brought him to the United States of America in May 2001, first landing in New York. Finding a job as a psychiatrist in New York City was actually the easiest thing in the world, Thom realized, as the men and women who lived in the city had so many self-involved fears and issues that it was easy to keep a job. His clients started to recommend him to more 'elite' people, and he was started to be revered for his strange way of dealing with patients - by scaring them. By terrifying them. By making them see their fears. Sure, it was slightly cruel, but Thom was no longer a kind and patient man. Not anymore. Losing the love of his life was a huge blow, and it had been one that changed Thom for the long run.

Among some of his clients were actors and actresses, and they started to tell of Thom's methods to their friends. One of the 'friends' that had heard about Thom's methods happened to be a film director specializing in horror and thrillers, and one who had seen quite a bit of recognition as of late. When the man came to visit his offices, Thom was happy to see that it was one of his friends from Birkbeck, and they quickly caught up. Soon, Thom was making films as a part time job with his friend, and hoped one day to branch out on his own.

Of course, branching out on his own would mean he'd have to find a place that wasn't so saturated with psychiatrists and film directors, and so Thom decided to head to Boston. He had only visited the place once before, not very familiar with it, but his research had told him that in 2002, the film industry hadn't quite moved in, and there was still a call for psychiatrists. So, with that idea, Thom packed up and headed to Boston, opening his own practice up in the Back Bay neighborhood near Newbury Street, looking to attract the rich and bored so that he could help them. It seemed to work out, and for a while his business was booming.

From Late 2002 to mid 2006, Thom was happy to simply be a psychiatrist and a film maker on the side. He had gathered a decent amount of wealth to bring him to a good penthouse apartment in Boston, and soon he called that home. His film maker friend still visited from time to time, always pressuring Thom to really give film making a shot. So, after years of considering it, in mid 2006, Thom decided to close his practice, only seeing those who begged him to stay around, and headed into the film industry. He had no idea what to expect, as he directed his first film, but he had at least hoped it would bring people enjoyment. Or as much as being scared could bring enjoyment; he happened to love the power he felt when bringing people to fear, but perhaps that was his own twisted view of things. Thom himself had not truly been scared for years, not since Ana died, and had seemingly become numb to the emotion. But well, that was besides the point.

Much to Thom's surprise, when he released his first film in 2008, it was to success and audiences seemed to like it. He started to go to film festivals and other entertainment parties, networking and building up his resume, and it seemed like this was the idea job for him to have. He was still, in a way, dealing with the cognitive psychology of the human mind and the emotions it brought out, all while making films. As his popularity grew, his ego grew as well. He wanted more power, he wanted more wealth, he wanted to bring others to their knees. Because being beloved was great in it's own way, but he wanted to learn what it was like to be feared as well.

Thom started small, requiring people to take care of enemies for him, getting people to take out those who bothered his clients, that sort. He started with people he could trust, clients who were so dependent on him that they wouldn't say no to anything he asked. From there, it only grew, and Thom found himself in the business of fixing situations. If you wanted someone gone, you came to Thom and he would set you up with the right 'person' for the job. Those who knew who he was and what he stood for outside of his films, knew that if he was sending someone your way, you were in for a world of pain (if you survived). Soon, the up-coming horror film director was not only loved by his fans but feared by those who might get in his way. The power it brought him was overwhelming and he couldn't help but love and adore the feeling.

His films bringing him the success that it had, he decided to open up a bar to bring more people into the city to work for him. To his surprise, when he did, the bar soon was employing old patients from New York and his early days of Boston, those who lived by his word and claimed that he changed their lives. The upscale Gothic style bar became an instant hit since opening in 2013, and Thom is quite proud of the bar that La Crainte has become.

Thom has settled into his live now in Boston, working on films - though not as much as he had in the past, but still enjoying creating one a year or so - and spending time at La Crainte. He put a bit of a wall up around himself, especially where his heart is concerned, knowing that he is much better off without deeper connections with people, but of course that doesn't stop him from getting involved from time to time.
thaal sinestro
Thaal Sinestro of Korugar is the arch-nemesis of Green Lantern. At one point the greatest member of the Green Lantern Corps, he was corrupted by his power and exiled for crimes against his own people.

He now seeks to impose his own order and control onto the universe, employing a yellow power ring to combat the green he has grown to despise. His prowess and ruthlessness have made him one of the most feared villains in existence, and eventually he establishes his own Sinestro Corps.(more information)

comic tie-ins Same initials.
Both embrace and use fear to their advantage.
Both lost a wife tragically, and both changed because of this loss.
Not exactly from around here.
Both are unable to be frightened, with Sinestro controlling fear, and Thom becoming numb to it.
Both take great power from instilling fear in others.

facts & things Thom has always loved horror films as a child, and that love and obsession grew as he got older. Now, having found success as a film director, most of Thom's life involves horror and thrillers, and things that would frighten most people. For him, it's Halloween year round, and he's never wanted to change a moment of that.

Can be viewed as a bit of a womanizer, sleeping with woman to woman, not really being tied down for long. It's not that he is afraid of commitment, it's that he's still, after all these years, mourning the life with his late wife and what that could have been had it not been tragically cut short.

Prefers hard alcohol and wine to beer, and because of this there is a very small selection of beer offered at La Craint, but a rather large list of liquor, cocktails, and other drinks.

education Bachelor of Science in Psychology [Birkbeck (University of London)]
Certificate in Film & Media Studies [Birkbeck (University of London)]
PhD in Psychology (Focus in Cognitive Psychology) [Cardiff University]